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Training Programs
Training is crucial for organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. An employee will become more efficient and productive if he is trained well.
In “MITSCO Training Center”, we offer a range of training courses and workshops covering a number of disciplines. In our attempt to deliver solid learning experience to our clients, we put to good use “Brain-based Learning Theory”. This theory focuses on concepts that create an opportunity in which attainment and retention of information & skills are maximized. That clearly reflects on our careful curriculum design/choice and delivery methods in which we took into consideration learner needs and the different individual learning styles.


Our training programs mainly fall into the following categories:

Translation Training Programs

The profession of translation depends on three important elements: talent which is inborn with any translator, mastering both the source and target languages and acquired skills.

At Mitsco, we ask every applicant to do a small test of translation to make sure that he/she has the first two elements. The result of that test will be: unfit for the profession of translation, especially if it is obvious that he/she has no such talent. The applicant may need training on the basic skills of translation, which we offer to him/her.  The applicant may need advanced training, which is offered once a week for two hours in the form of a proactive workshop. The applicant may be ready for work and he/she will be welcomed on board.

Language Training Programs

We offer a variety of language learning programs, which you may inquire about to choose what is commensurate with your needs.

Over the years, English language has become one of our principal assets in today’s business world. English is a universal language that links the world together. For fast learning curve and successful mastery of the language it becomes imperative that one gets the right guidance from the professionals in the field.
At “MITSCO Training Center”, we offer English Language Programs under three main categories; namely General English, Conversational English, and Business English. In addition, we also provide a “Professional Translation Workshop” that will prepare you for a career in translation with opportunities of getting a job by “MITSCO Translation Services”, one of the leaders in the translation industry.

Soft Skills Programs

Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills in today’s business environment as they are essential elements for organizational, professional, and personal success. Regardless of the industry or job, soft skills are, to an employer looking to hire, as important as other technical and specialized skills.

The following are examples of the soft skills courses delivered by “MITSCO Training Center”:
Communication Skills – Clear & effective excellence of communication plays a vital role in any business. Thus, most successful organizations have made it mandatory for their employees to go through communication skills training; leading employees to effectively communicate with their customers, peers, and improve the overall productivity of the organization.

Team Building – Working in a team is another major challenge for the employees as it is most important to recognize that the outcome & results of a team comes from the collective efforts of members of the team. Employees should learn to retain trust among other team members, recognize the skills, strengths, styles of an individual and maintain flexible communication lines among the team.
Time Management – Effective time management is a key reflection of professional and individual success. This soft skills training allows individuals to learn how to efficiently & effectively manage “time” for tasks inside or outside the organization for personal & professional success.
Personal Effectiveness – This soft skills course will help individuals meet the daily challenge of managing professional and personal responsibilities/goals. To that end, a strategy should be carefully designed that enables individuals to create and use the required innovative and effective methods and techniques.
The above mentioned are just a few examples of the programs that employees need to learn for their growth in an organization & for the overall success of the organization in which they are members. Other training programs are provided and covered by “MITSCO Training Center” aiming to support and improve your performance.
For more information & other available training programs/titles please contact “MITSCO Training Center”.