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Mohamed M. A. Bakr.


May 29, 1948.


Academic Qualifications :

1-Ph.D. in Technical Translation, Heriot Watt University, Scotland 1991.

2-Ph.D. in Business Administration. P.S.U, USA 1985.

3-Master of Business Administration, PSU, USA 1983.

4-Master of Education (TEFL) University of Oklahoma, USA 1979.

5-Certificate in German Language (Advanced Level) 1982.

6-Certificate from Goethe Institute for passing the Advanced level Exam in German Language, 1985.

7-Diploma in Modern Management, British Careers Training College, U.K., 1984.

8-Diploma in Profitable Business and Trading, British Careers Training College, U.K., 1984.

9-Diploma in Professional Storekeeping, British Careers Training College, U.K., 1983. 10-Diploma in Successful Salesmanship, British Careers Training College, U.K., 1983.

11-Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Ain Shams University, Egypt 1977.

12-Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy, Ain Shams University, Egypt 1971.

13-Certificate in English Language A.U.C., Egypt 1970.

14-Diploma in Petroleum Refinery Operations, Suez1967.

Training Courses :

1- Certificate for attending an advanced Training Course for Managers, Cairo, Egypt 1978.

2- Certificate for attending a Safety Training Course for Managers, Alex, Egypt 1977.

3- Certificate for attending a Laborer Education Course in Suez, Egypt 1964.

Appreciation Certificates :

1- Certificate of Membership in the "Who is Who" International Organization.

2- Appreciation Certificate from the Department of Education in Menoufia Governorate, Egypt for the public Educational Service conducted 1970.

3- Appreciation Certificate from the Training Center of the Nasr petroleum Co., granted for Personal Qualities, in 1964.

4-Master of Education (TEFL) University of Oklahoma, USA 1979.

Experience :

1- June 1997 – to date General Manager of MITSCO Translation and Training Center. Translating, editing, and revising texts as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation of thousands of conferences for local, national and international organizations and companies in Egypt and abroad such as GTZ, USAIDS, the Consumer Protection Agency and many others, together with training translators besides managing the office.

2- Oct. 1987 to Aug. 1997: Professor, College of Administrative Sciences, and College of Languages and Translation, King Saud University. Taught Business & Marketing (Author of some books in this field). Taught various English Language programs at different levels. Also taught several translation courses and gave public lectures on various topics in the field of translation. Also wrote many articles published in the University weekly magazines.

3- Oct. 1979 – July 1987: Consultant, and Chief Translator of the Saudi Ports Authority in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. - Participated in the preparation and translation of : (a) The Saudi Seaports Rules and Regulations (Considered the Marine Law of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States). (b) All Tenders and Contract Documents including all Kinds of Technical Specifications. (c) The Marine Charts of all the ports of the Kingdom. (d) The Annual Reports of the Ports Authority. (e) The periodical Statistics. (f) An enormous number of studies. (g) Training programs. (h) Lectures, Conferences, Seminars, etc. (i) Compiled a Glossary of Terminology used in the Shipping Industries in 1981. (j) Writer of various articles and T.V Programs. (k) Translated several documents related to the construction and operation of King Khalid Int. Airport, King Fahd Medical Complex, King Khalid Eye Hospital, King Khalid University Hospital, King Abdul Aziz University Hospital, The Saudi Ophthalmology Society including all its publications, interpreting their meetings, seminars and conferences etc. (l) Translated a lot of works for Al-Obeikan Publication Company in different aspects of knowledge.

4- May 1978 – Oct. 1979: Teacher of English Language and English for specific purpose (ESP) at the Training Centers of ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia. 5- March 1973 – 1978: Worked as an accountant, then an administrator at the warehouses and finally the Head of the Training Dept., Gupco, Egypt. 6- Aug. 1972 – May 1973: Taxation Officer, the Egyptian Taxation Dept. 7- Oct. 1963 – Oct.1967: Trainee and operator, Nasr Petroleum Co. Suez.

Activities :

Provision of Consultancy Services to a number of companies and organizations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. - Preparation of a number of feasibility studies for several firms and institutions in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

- Participation in giving advice and consultation to members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

- Conducting training programs through the Chamber of Commerce.

- Teaching adults and delegates of businesses at the Community Service Center, King Saud University.

- Supervising a number of Egyptian Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

- Teaching translation and interpretation courses.

- Preparing and presenting a translation technique on TV.